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A favorite project of ours: tango of monochrome classic and non-trivial interior details. This is stylish and exquisite. Black & white meets the driver inside. The more time you spend behind the steering wheel the better it gets. The sleek torpedo covering attracts the eyes while you are getting comfrotable black expensive leather seat. 

Vent deflectors, buttons, control elements, sun shades – all finished in black. Soft leather is predominantly used in interior decor. The seats, the door interior door panels, the lower part of the torpedo are covered with elite quilted leather (with the exception of the seats where perforated one is used). It is nice looking and functional as hexagon quilt keeps the body tight in the seat and prevents it from slipping when driving actively.

In detail

The interior is somewhat brutal, which not all admirers of sports cars can appreciate. But it could not have been otherwise. The interior reflects the appearance of Ford Mustang. In terms of design, the passenger compartment is a nice place to be. Some retro touches are added to the interior which reminds us of the great history of the brand.

It is incomparable in terms of style, performance and ergonomics. But do not forget that this is a sports car that has not been honed for comfortable driving. The seats have good lateral support and leather lining. The color black promise a good ride and gives a sense of depth and weight. An enchanting color of the passenger compartment attracts you and at the same time generates respect.

A three-spoke leather steering wheel has a logo on it and a few control buttons. The dashboard is made in the classical style with two analog sensors deepened into chrome wells. In the middle of the dashboard there is an on-board computer. The central console at the top is equipped with three air baffles. Below the air baffles there is a touchscreen display of the multimedia system and navigation with buttons for adjusting the volume and track switching.

The dashboard looks peculiar and simple - all system management tumblers are located reasonably and are easy to manage. Ford Mustang is the most famous name in the world of muscle cars with a prominent history. The car is aggressive, modern and ready for the 21st century.

In events

Top Marques Monaco 2018 / Monaco - 21.04.2018
Nürburgring / Germany, Nürburg - 21.06.2016
Smotra MD / Moldova, Chișinău - 14.02.2016

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