Blue Sky
Ford Mustang Cabrio

About Blue Sky

Exteriour blue shades coloring just hints on what meets the dirver inside – the limitless blue sky. Colorful torpedo makes you wonder what to choose: fast track or long highway to unknown. In case you choose the first, then grip the perforated leather covered wheel tight and check the tachometer inside the bright red well. Get ready and floor the pedal!

The slow pace drive delivers the same pleasure. Comfortable seats done with quilted perforated leather and inserts in the interior door panels have a nice blue color. Vent deflector frames contrast the long read hood. Pay attention to the steering wheel: it’s airbag covered with smooth leather embroidered with blue lining and brand logo. Paradise came to earth in our project. 

In detail

A modern three-spoke steering wheel is slightly similar to the first Mustang steering wheels. An abundance of leather and metal inserts underline the already excellent quality of finishing. An aluminum cover on the front panel increases the sense of completeness and uniformity. Comfortably seated at the wheel you will easily find all the necessary tools. Classy and easy to use buttons on the center console resemble aviation tumblers.

Convertible Ford Mustang goes smoothly on the road but it might be a bit clumsy on corners. The car starts and brakes instantly and its bright color will complete your luxurious image on the road. Feel the wind, speed and freedom with FordMustang!

In events

Top Marques Monaco 2018 / Monaco - 21.04.2018
Nürburgring / Germany, Nürburg - 21.06.2016
Smotra MD / Moldova, Chișinău - 14.02.2016

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