About Sand Storm

Mercedes-Benz ML Sand Storm
Seats: 5 
Doors: 5 
Speed: 250 km/h

Automatic transmission

Mercedes-Benz ML-Class Sand Storm

Comfort, style and safety Mercedes-Benz ML-Class Sand Storm is a classic European sticking to the rules.Beware though as it is dangerous and unstoppable.The car is definitely one of a kind that seems too sweet for words as it features an impressive confident look and a graceful body. Passion of vigorous hearts embodied in this car. It projects the ideal Mercedes-Benz image on the roads. 

Dazzling classic is a lifetime affection. This arrogant beauty with almond-shaped eyes looks snooty and superior. Proudly raised hood carries the owner’s name with dignity. Yes, that’s a true Mercedes spirit! This saucy German is shoed in highest quality rims.


In detail

Mercedes-Benz ML-Class Sand Storm

Dozens of new body parts were designed exclusively for Sand Storm. This gave the specialists the freedom in the enhancement of running gears, allowed them to install the wheels of non-standard size, and even increase the car’s utility.

Hood-Aluminum: It is a lighter and harder solution in comparison to the factory part. This decision results in less vibrations and losses during acceleration.

Fender-Fiberglass plastic: The fenders got enlarged arches that hold huge wheels and prevent dirt from staining the body and side windows.

Front Part-Fiberglass plastic: Too bold for factory design. And our customers love it.

Lights-LED Light: A stable beam of light of the optimal spectrum provides good visibility in twilight and fog.

Splitter-Aluminum: The splitter of the off-road car is not just a folly. After our customization ML is capable of much more than before.

Wheels-Forged steel: Lightweight, but extremely firm wheels look great and are not afraid of high mechanical or thermal loads.

Side Sills-Fiberglass plastic: Fiberglass sills do not slow the car down. Side skirts improve aerodynamics.

Doors-Fiberglass plastic: The replacement of standard metal doors with a fiberglass analog gives a noticeable increase in dynamics.

Trunk-Fiberglass plastic: Aerodynamic roof box allows you to increase the volume of cargo without putting it inside the compartment.

In events

Top Marques Monaco 2018 / Monaco - 19-22.04.2018
Nürburgring / Germany, Nürburg - 21.06.2016

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