Orange Juice
Ford Mustang Cabrio

About Orange Juice

Ford Mustang Cabrio Orange Juice
Seats: 3
Doors: 2
Speed: 265 km/h

The fiery red cabriolet attracts eyes like a magnet. Feeling the wind in one’s hair is a bliss, so putting down the roof is not an option! Engine speed growth maximizes the sense of freedom. The faster you go, the cooler it gets in the convertible where you can fully relish a real American heart experience. Improved car design reached perfect harmony. Just look at its body!

The orange juice gives you a taste of life. Gentle push of accelerator brings immediate speed gain at any drive mode. Saturated color is accented by black trim bending round the car body. The exclusive matching six-spokes rims reveal its scandalous character. It is time to jump inside and start the motor – highway is waiting!

In detail

The back part catches an eye with a splitter and an elegant spoiler which changes the direction of the air flows. Forged steel wheels were ordered separately.

Back Part-Fiberglass plastic: Exquisite design is combined with precise calculations of aerodynamics. You will get less parasitic whirling and more downforce.

Side Sills-Fiberglass plastic: The sills are made of fiberglass and are notable for minimum weight. The parts are painted red and look great against the background of the road.

Wheels-Steel: Forged wheels are beautiful on their own. For a better look, the rundles near the wheel arch of the red cabriolet are painted in the car body color.

Spoiler-Aluminum: Without a spoiler, the rear-wheel-drive car can fussily react to sudden entry into the curve and experience the skid at the end of the curve.

In events

Top Marques Monaco 2018 / Monaco - 21.04.2018
Nürburgring / Germany, Nürburg - 21.06.2016
Smotra MD / Moldova, Chișinău - 14.02.2016

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