Chevy Black Knight
Chevy Black Knight

About Chevy Black Knight

Chevrolet Camaro is an unbelievable powerfully built American. The thoroughbred stallion under its fantastic closing keeps its legendary style praised by myriads of car lovers in history. Chevrolet carbon body kit drives one crazy by its open aggressiveness. The car does not have fear or limits, it flies ahead as a rocket! 

Chevrolet Camaro SS – incredibly brutal with unique personality. Our elegantly built Camaro was remodeled to increase its performance and comfort. The clearance could be further adjusted. It features modified grill in Robocop style and carbon exterior and interiour elements. The weight got less and aerodynamic improved. And look under the hood! You’ ll see masculine but yet elegant forms.

In detail

Driven by complex training, Camaro demanded a complete review of the body philosophy. This model sports enlarged fenders, unique wheels and an unusual front part. Everything is designed in dark colors.

Fender-Fiberglass plastic: The fenders are equipped with impressive wheel arch extensions. First and foremost, these are not decorations, but a technical necessity.

Front Part-Fiberglass plastic: The front part of Kamaro is like an icebreaker: as if its pointed nose is splitting space in search of a better way.

Lights-LED Light: Front lights are stylished to resemble traditional lights of the first generations of this legendary model. The lights are hidden behind the radiator grille.

Wheels-Aluminum: Aluminum wheels are aesthetically pleasing and lightweight. We have ordered a unique set of wheels specifically for this project.

Side Sills-Fiberglass plastic: Lightweight and functional sills improve the flowability of the sidewalls and ensures an enhanced look.

Doors-Fiberglass plastic: Door panels are replaced with a fiberglass analog, as it saves weight and allows you to achieve a different aesthetics.

The back view became even more ominous due to the massive splitter and the spoiler rising above the road. There is a certain amount of charm in new lights.

Back Splitter-Fiberglass plastic: A low-mounted splitter makes air currents to work not against, but for the road grip.

Back Part-Fiberglass plastic: The back part is an eye-catcher. This element looks extremely good together with the aerodynamic body kit.

Spoiler-Aluminum: This part provides a gain in downforce, especially at high speeds and on a slippery track.

Lights-LED Light: The mysterious and unusual light of the tail lights make the body back unforgettable. Thanks to LED lights, the brake signals are clearly visible from afar.


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