The Mighty
Cadillac Escalade

About The Mighty

Cadillac Escalade Platinum The Mighty
Seats: 6
Doors: 5 
Speed: 280 km/h

A luxurious SUV Cadillac Escalade will not be left without attention due to the crystal white color which makes it spectacular and representative. The car fascinates you so much that you want to observe it from every angle. Modern design solutions and chrome-plated elements emphasize the splendor of the car. When you look at Cadillac profile you get the impression as if it was "carved from a single piece of rock".

The front part of the automobile looks very impressive due to the huge grille with closing flaps and sculptural bumper. The size of the car inspires confidence  while a perfectly vertical shape of a radiator grille clearly reminds everyone of what can happen if you find yourself in the way of a nearly three-ton beast.

In detail

A smooth high roof, big side doors, a huge luggage compartment door and a strong bumper create a solid image of the Cadillac Escalade. The interior of this car completely corresponds to its appearance - modern and presentable. It is impregnated with an atmosphere of luxury and comfort due to its finishing materials, among which are genuine leather and wooden inserts. The large steering wheel is not only beautiful, but also functional: control buttons allow you to fully enjoy the ride.

Managing of a huge SUV is surprisingly simple. The car is durable and reliable on a good surface and steady on the corners. Cadillac does everything with a special smoothness. You don’t even notice how it gains speed and goes further persistently. If you are ready to experience all the power that Cadillac Escalade offers you - feel free to choose it for your trips.

In events

Top Marques Monaco 2018 / Monaco - 21.04.2018
Nürburgring / Germany, Nürburg - 21.06.2016
Smotra MD / Moldova, Chișinău - 14.02.2016

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