Green Snake
Ford Mustang Green Snake

About Green Snake

Ford Mustang Green Snake
Seats: 4
Doors: 2
Speed: 260 km/h

Ford Mustang Snow Militari demonstrates an exquisite sports car silhouette. Bright, cocky, ambitious character comprises power and ferocity that we sought to convey in Fords image. Its modern harsh look brings out typical youngster confidence feel in anyone who drives this car. That is how Ford is depicted in the eyes of sports car lovers.

Our customized military version of Ford Mustang leaves its competitors with zero chances. Its elegant and at the same time brutal shape would leave anyone breathless. It’s hard to walk away from Ford extraordinary and unique style. We we trying to convey the spirit of ambitiousness and succeded!

In detail

According to our plan we have replaced most of the body panels with a lighter, nicer and more streamlined elements (this approach is used quite often).

Hood-Aluminum: Aggressive slope hood is made of strengthened sheet Aluminium. The hood is quite light weighted.

Fender-Fiberglass: The fenders were designed taking into account wider axle track and non-standard size wheels.

Front part-Fiberglass: Big and complex shape-wise front part combines bumper, grill and splitter.

Lights-LED lights: Original lighting element was designed as “snake eye”. The lights are fully LED based.

The rear part has retained the charm of a muscle-car although and now it drivers better both on track and highway.

Rear part-Fiberglass: The rear part includes bumper and diffuser. High quality fiberglass is used as material.

Spoiler-Fiberglass: The spoiler is made of fiberglass. Owing to it the coupe got better traction both on curves and straight road.

Rims-Forged steel:Nice and yet strong forged steel rims run better than Aluminium ones under heavy workloads. Thanks to its aesthetics they are also way more fun.

In events

Top Marques Monaco 2018 / Monaco - 21.04.2018
Nürburgring / Germany, Nürburg - 21.06.2016
Smotra MD / Moldova, Chișinău - 14.02.2016

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