Mini (Coop B)
Mini (Coop B)

About Mini (Coop B)

The transformations in the exterior of Mini Cooper were evolutionary but still many people claim that they were more significant - the car has a new platform and an updated list of propulsors. At the same time Mini has gained a more ergonomic interior and some modern traits.

The designers gave Mini Cooper a more reliable and modern appearance with very noticeable headlights, beautiful and distinctive roof line, large wheel arches and a reliable crossover body kit around the perimeter of the body. The quality of interior finishing and the level of equipment meet the standards that are characteristic for the premium class.

The passenger compartment is made of leather with decorative inserts made of wood or carbon. The most current technologies and materials are applied in the structure of the car body which provide minimum permissible mass and maximum protection of the driver and the passengers.

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