Phantom Ride
Phantom Ride

About Phantom Ride

Constructivism of Phantom Ride is filled with an atmosphere of famous models of the mid-twentieth century. The front part is deliberately orthogonal with a large towering radiator grille, the waist line is very high dropping down at the rear part.

The front bumper is now more graceful due to the enlarged size of the air intake openings. Headlights are placed in the relief grooves. The original radiator grille is decorated with a famous statuette. Besides, the doors of the car have a carriage structure opening against the car’s movement. The interior is the realm of wealth but at the same time it is more conservative than the exterior of the car. The insides of Rolls Royce are dominated by the spirit of restrained luxury, which is inherent in the British hereditary aristocracy.

A three-spoke steering wheel similar to the previous model has got a lot of various control buttons, metal elements on deflectors, buttons and horizontal temperature controls. All the elements are perfectly combined with the general atmosphere of the cult car. Traditional Rolls Royce aristocratism and its history are emphasized by weighty and precise architectural forms and expressive and minimalistic lines of the body.

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