Winter Stang
Winter Stang

About Winter Stang

It is no longer necessary to have a car and a cross-country vehicle, now everything is presented in one all-terrain car. Taking into account possible weather conditions we decided to implement the idea of a crawler-mounted car. Today, the owner of almost any car can equip it with track chains, turning his vehicle into a tank for trips in any conditions.

Winter Stang is the perfect example. The sixth-generation Mustang, in addition to the new "wheels" also received a planned update. The body has acquired minor changes, while the interior has received an improved trimwork and  propulsors have been completely modified. Changes occurred not only in the front but also in the back of the Winter Stang.

Multimedia panel has an 8-inch screen with many different functions. Since Mustang is aimed at sport, it contains a large number of different safety assistants, such as a collision alarm, a lane-departure warning and pedestrian detection. Thanks to premium finishing materials, the interior is even more stylish in comparison with its predecessors.

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