Chevy Mountain King
Chevy Mountain King

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General Motors Pony Car 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro. The direction of the Camaro remains legendary and its DNA remains unshakable while everything else has been rethought to attain productivity and convenience. This is a new variation of the legendary car in a modern implementation.

Chevrolet Camaro is a car with a truly Hollywood look which attracts admirers of cult sports cars. The automobile is characterized by its grasping exterior. This look is achieved thanks to wide wheel arches and sharp curves of the body lines. Camaro resembles a wild cat ready to leap at any moment. It seems that the elegant design of the car is filled with speed, incredible power and agility.

The passenger compartment of Chevrolet Camaro is amazingly simple and extremely convenient. There is no need to speak at length about it – it is uncomplicated, does not cause any rejection and all the controls are at hand. Each detail is stylishly decorated - leather inserts on the doors and front panels and a leather steering wheel.

The car is wonderful and extremely beautiful.

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Chevy Mountain King

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