Tesla Thunder
Tesla Thunder

About Tesla Thunder

TeslaThunder is the third unit in the Tesla lineup which accumulated a substantial experience. The car surpasses its predecessors with its expressive uniqueness. Most of the attention and delight is caused by the back doors - opening upwards they break centuries-old stereotypes. The softness of the lines of the car clearly indicates the uniqueness and fineness of the assembly.

The interior attracts car owners with plenty of free space. A minimalistic dashboard with practical lack of buttons allows you to control plenty of functions with the help of a large display which is full of numerous buttons and smart illumination.

Tesla Thunder is the most aerodynamic car in its class. Resistance factor = 0.24. There is also a lifting rear spoiler which is capable of adjusting to the speed and optimizing aerodynamics. Also, this model is particularly safe - the car efficiently resists frontal and lateral impacts.

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Tesla Thunder

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