About CLS

This model positions itself as sedan of a new generation. The design of the Mercedes-Benz is the most attractive part of the automobile. Mercedes looks hostile and expensive and attracts a lot of attention. According to most of the critics the most successful part of Mercedes Benz is the forebody with the LED lights in the form of a petal. Designers made edits only to the front of the car with addition of more massive air intakes.

The shape of the car looks great - a slender roof line and a general smooth continuous view, extending to the rear part with a fastback profile. Despite a number of changes in the exterior Mercedes-Benz remains recognizable. A luxurious interior demonstrates a perfect build quality, expensive upholstery that matches with design and control elements taken from the previous generation. The front seats are spacious and comfortable with extensive electronic adjustment of position which is especially important for tall drivers. Lateral support can be adjusted to holds passengers on bends.

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