El Camino ZEX
El Camino ZEX

About El Camino ZEX

El Camino ZEX is a Chevrolet Camaro sixth generation which has established itself as a legend. This generation has managed to surprise and please even the most demanding car owners. And there is a reason for it.

The exterior of El Camino is clearly visible in the photo. This generation is only slightly different from its predecessor. That what makes the car so attractive given that the previous generation has caused wild enthusiasm among car lovers with its menacingly sporty appearance. Therefore, a similarity of this model with its predecessor is undoubtedly an advantage.

The main differences of the 6th generation are a slightly reduced size and diminished seating. The rear quarter pillars in this model are more rounded. The doors and the side windows are also updated. The changes are more significant at the front: a radiator grille, a hood and a bumper have been modified and the headlights have been slightly narrowed.

Nothing resembles the interior of the 5th generation. In the passenger compartment everything has been updated in a minimalist style: from the seats and the dashboard to the steering wheel. 

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