Supervette project
Supervette project

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Supervette is your personal invitation to the racing track. Expanded fenders, a modified hood and a radiator grille give the car a more aggressive look. An oblong hood with a fierce outline stretched over the ground and a shortened rear imply that this car belongs to a family of outstanding cars.

Corvette is dangerous, cheeky and salient due to its defiant "face" with a sarcastic look of the headlights. At the rear part there are LED lights grouped in pairs as well as four trunks of the exhaust system. Mighty wheels complement an expressive image of Chevrolet Corvette. The interior also looks dashing with its distinct driver's zone with a massive multi-function steering wheel is a characteristic feature of this car.

This Corvette model has become the most prominent American representative. Acceleration dynamics and precision of control were perfected on the race tracks and it will not leave you indifferent.

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Supervette project

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