Land Rover
Land Rover

About Land Rover

On the outside this Land Rover model preserves thoroughly the manner of its model line and looks like a true concept car. Simplicity and functionality are the standards that have been installed in the exterior and interior design. The exterior of the car is characterized by distinct proportions and an active elegant silhouette.

The continuity of the design is determined by descending roof and asymmetric elements on the rear panel of the registration plate. Active top and bottom lines of the body going back to the rear part of the car, as well as LED lights framing the body make it look distinctively modern.

Thanks to the horsepower under the hood Land Rover goes boldly on various surfaces as well as under adverse conditions. The car has a swift aerodynamic body shape which is unusual for a crossover. Inside, as well as outside, you immediately recognize Land Rover brand. The interior is minimalistic. The front panel resembles other representatives of the brand while control of virtually all functions in the car is now displayed on touch screens and panels.

Land Rover with its newest technical findings sets the tone for the off-road segment. Premium and taste are combined flawlessly with off-road power in this car.

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