About Huracan

Hurricane of feelings and emotions which causes genuine pleasure and goose bumps. This is a strong beast with a bestial growl coming from the exhaust system. Lamborghini Huracan is a force of nature. The design of the car demonstrates a dangerous and unconquerable character of a fighting bull after which the car was named.

The interior looks rather rich as for a supercar and resembles a mobile office. All kinds of seat supports keep the passengers firmly inside. In front of the driver there is an impressive steering wheel with a flat bottom as well as large column shifts. An on-board computer is installed behind it which also serves as a speedometer, a navigation and an information screen. Additional customized electronic meters are located in the center console where the rest of the control switches are also installed.

Huracan embodies two creatures at the same time. When stability control system is running the car is very manoeuvrable at high speed and squeezes out every last drop of gas. It boats a delightful balance which creates a feeling of a well adjusted chassis. On the track it remains steady, gently overcoming obstacles.

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